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Have some fun with your day

Our own unique experiences from day to day, and week to week, turn into the memories within our own unique mind's eye. We recall these daily experiences with almost a subconscious response, replaying ones' scenarios over and over. We also uniquely place emotional feelings to these 'recalled daily scenarios', don't we? ((Y'all know we do))

We humans have proxy to ~~~ Our "Emotional Feelings' Attachments" to our past thoughts and experiences... here's a few: we can choose, enjoyment or becoming saddened ~ feeling happy/excitement or feeling anger/rage. There's euphoric magical tingling, to extreme jealousy ~ a heart love ~ to ~ a heartbreak. Bitterness or Forgiveness ... Greed or Kindness ... Compassion or Contempt ... the list goes on for quite awhile.

The honest truth is, ~ we Each only have Right Now, Today, to place one of these 'Universally Given Emotions' to each of our daily experiences.

We have today. We have right now. Let's fill today with some 'Happy!' Let's fill up our brain with kindness to ourselves. Look in your mirror and smile. I know, it's hard for some to do, but really try, ... I bet you have a brain wave that forces the tiniest portion of your mouth to smile. You may even feel a little 'giggle' in your tummy. That's Quantum! That's your charkha giving you permission to feel the goodness EACH of Us is Allowed to Feel Every Day of Our Lives.

I know you will look at the overview of our world's turmoil ~ there are many, I do understand. But, Our lives do not necessitate us gazing upon this chaos for our livelihood. Yes, address what you/one can, to better our neighborhoods, cities, states, countries and world ~ But the Universe Also Wants You to Address Yourself ~ for the Betterment of, You ~ otherwise ... your brain will continually be filled with other's turmoil, and then, guess what? Your sadness, depression, fear and anger will dominate your entire life (from others' strife). This is not where love comes from. Love comes from within 1st. Let's take better care of Ourselves ~ and Then, we may spread our attention effectively, to the surroundings we choose to spend our community energy upon.

Go Play, my Friends ~ it's really ok, to ~ go play

The universe will feel your high vibration and become more enlightened, with your love.




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