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Unimaginable Journey

When we look at the definition of quantum, we see the words energy, electric, synaptic and voltage. These combined words create what I manifest in order to activate change within my body. Quantum Yoga releases energy towards a blocked, or 'dried up' area in our body and 'pushes' invisible electric synapses - thereby opening up our 'cell's mouths' and activating their ability to take in oxygen and blood. Taa Daaa, a new cell is born! How do I send this energy where it needs to go? How do I activate this process? How does this heal my body? Well my friend, that is the journey we will take together, if you choose it's path. I did not create this process overnight. It has taken years of 'trial & error' - going to far and damaging progress made. There is a fine line between the grace of new birth of cells, and high alert to cease and retreat, because fight or flight mode has activated. In my coming blogs and videos, you may explore my journey from avascular necrosis of back, hip, and leg, due to blood flow loss from a botched hip replacement in 2013 - to a completely healthy and walking human skeleton. What a journey, my friends, what a journey.

If you are suffering from unending chronic pain that no doctor or specialist can help with, or, if you are suffering from depression, cancer, or anything in between, please, walk with me. I'll always understand, and hold your hand. I was an a Live soul in a dead body for years. I understand insane pain. Physically, mentally, emotionally. It's honestly all tied together, but, I'll help you with that. I am alive today, only by the grace of this process. Twenty two doctors, specialists, and even Cleveland Clinic told me there was no hope for me. That my paralysis would grow, envelop my heart and I would die.

Miracles happen my friend. They do. Let's explore Your Miracle, today.


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