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Your 1st Quantum Yoga Exercise

Gently press your fingertips together and close your eyes ~ Breathe Deep and Slowly ~ In through your nose ~ Out through your mouth ~ Concentrate on your breathing ~ keeping your fingertips gently 'kissing' each other ✨💜

Let two minutes envelop your senses, and feel a physical 'shift' in your body ~ You've just moved energy ~ You've just experienced Quantum Yoga

You may break out in a sweat, you may become emotional, you may experience euphoria, you may feel light as a feather, walking on air

All of these are possible, your body may desire to move or twirl ~ Go with this feeling ~ let this energetic force move you ~ You are Safe, Secure, and Protected

You have tapped into your quantum energy & force

I'm Proud of You 💯💜


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