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Hey! So Glad You've Stopped By ~ 

Renee here. As a 58 year old woman who has lived through decades of life's most challenging experiences, I have continually propelled myself upward, through manifesting kindness, love, and yes, prosperity from my 'heart soul'.  Coming from a very abusive childhood, I was placed in a mental institution by age 15.  This was due to my psychosomatic illness trying to cover my father's malice. I evolved into adulthood, trying to forge a new path.  As a young adult, I met and married a nice man and we created a beautiful son in 1987.  A year later, I became pregnant again, this time delivering 3 month premature twins.  My beautiful children grew into autism by age two, and I knew my life's course was set to raising my blessed children through a myriad of obstacles in their lives.  My husband and I had drastically different views on life, and we divorced in 2000.  I raised my children with the help of my amazing late mother, Sara, for 25 years. We pushed the limits of autistic boundaries in our state, for equality and a chance for my twins and son to succeed.  I was successful in pulling my children all the way through college and continued their dreams by relocating them to Florida to work at Disney.  But this came at a physical cost to me.  By 2013, my right hip had whittled away to nothing, I needed a hip replacement from all my years of working 2-3 jobs continuously.  My hip replacement surgery became a nightmare and I  awoke paralyzed in 'insane pain'.  In February 2013, I knew my life was in huge jeopardy.  I spent 3 years inside my tortured body, with 22 different doctors' denials of any hope for my necrosis to reverse.  Then, a miracle!  A medical massage therapist discovered my sacrum was not attached to the upper portion of my body.  My lower half of my body was disconnected to the top half and locked left in an upwards pattern.  He asked me if I wanted him to put me back together?!  With great strength and manipulation, my body was put back together that day.  May 20, 2016, my insane pain vanished!  Twelve hundred days of tortured insanity pain raging throughout my body because of surgical separation, gone.  However, this created complete blood flow loss to the right side of my back, leg, hip, and torso going upwards into my shoulder and neck.  How was I going to break free from all of my necrosis?  How was I going to reverse it?  Well my friends, I did it with my mind's eye!  I did it with my energy!  Over the past 6 years I have developed and created a yoga technique that pushes oxygen back into 'dehydrated' cellular spaces within my body.  I grew myself back to life! 


I am not a doctor.  I am not a professional practitioner in any way, but, I am a person who defied all odds of death, and succeeded!


I can help you now.  I've been though it all and felt it all ~ so I will shed light on reversing chronic illnesses and suffering for others.  C'mon Let's Go Play with some Quantum Yoga!                                               ~ You've Only Just Begun, to Live ~

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